Pletox brings everything together in a meeting space where you can
video call, chat, meet, share files, and collaborate seamlessly with the right agenda.

Organise Your people and conversations


Give your employees and team members the option to create their own group and the option to meet remotely. Connecting with people across the globe made easier by Pletox.


Connect with your team with just a simple button click. All the group members can have the benefit of receiving information at the same time using the platform.


Group people into team as well as according to different projects. Keep your team members separated according to the projects they are working upon.

Organise Team Into Groups

Communicate & Chat in a Productive Environment

Improve Productivity With An Agenda

Send & Receive Rich Content

Send content using text formatting. Bold, Italic, Link sharing, and many more features available for text formatting and sending rich content.

Mention People

While communicating with the team members you can mention particular people whom the message needs to be addressed to.

Share & Receive Files

With a simple command, you can call someone to communicate, collaborate, share a file, send a screenshot, or trigger a live screen sharing session. Attach files to your chat or just drag and drop to share.

Schedule & Host Meetings

Schedule Meetings

Schedule & Invite People

Schedule your meetings - anytime, anyplace! Schedule your meetings along with your team members and the team members will get automatically notified on their mail about the meeting.

Set up meeting agenda

Pletox helps attendees create an agenda that will assist in improving the productivity of the meeting overall. Agendas make it clear what the action items are and who are the responsible people.

Maintain Meeting Discussion Notes

Notes will be synced Real time and will be maintained in the particular thread/meeting. The major items from the discussion can be put at the top of the notes for consideration first.

Schedule Meetings

Share & Store File

Share Files And Video Chat Seamlessly

Share File

Share files instantly via 1-1 chat or start a group chat to share ideas and discuss projects. Files are maintained on the platform so you don’t need to download everytime a particular file has been shared.

Access Restrictions for Files

The files which are shared can be restricted by sharing them publicly or privately. Using this feature helps you decide whom to share the file with- a particular member of the team or with the entire team.

Store Files Seamlessly

Pletox’s main benefit is that it keeps all your company’s communications in one place. The files which are being shared can be stored on the platform and can be viewed easily from the recent activity tab.

Share Files And Video Chat Seamlessly

Stay Connected with one-to-one chat

Filter Meetings With Labels

Connect instantly via personal or group chat

With Pletox's collaboration tool, it's easy to connect with remote/distributed teams. Connect instantly via 1-1 chat or start a group chat to share ideas and discuss projects.

Get on a video/audio call

Get on a video/audio call directly from within a chat or channel and share your screen to discuss reports or conduct presentations.

Ready For Larger Teams

Video Conferencing

Connect with 50 participants

Keep everyone on the same page irrespective of where they are present. Pletox supports up to 50 participants on a single video conferencing call.

Unlimited User Access to the Platform

There is no limitation to the number of people you can add into a particular team. Unlimited users can join and use the platform and chat along with the team members.

Video Conferencing

Other Features


Whiteboard Collaboration

Whiteboards allow teams to brainstorm ideas, draw mockups, and explain information to coworkers.


Screen Sharing

Screen-sharing helps you discuss presentations & reports to get everyone on the same page.


Real-time Chat

Connect instantly via 1-1 chat or start a group chat to share ideas and discuss projects with team.


Conference Mode

Conference Mode that makes it easy to run or join groups on video meetings with a tap of a button


Guest Attendees

Invite attendees to connect for a meeting by sending a push app notification and also an email


Push Notifications

Receive push and in-app notifications as well as mail for any updates to scheduled calls you’re invited to.